Inter-app-audio application for real-time preamp simulation for iPad
  • Modeling

    Amp ONE transforms your iPad into a high quality guitar tube preamp / guitar cabinet with a set of the most important effects for making music in real-time. Just plug your guitar and headphones / stereo and rock out!

    For the release of Amp ONE I was working alone for an entire year, shortly after the release plugin JCM800 and Harlequin. I wanted to create something greater, better, more modern, freeing guitarist from a large and noisy computer and giving the opportunity to be more portable, while raising the bar for quality of modeling guitar amplification to a new level.

    Amp ONE uses the same principle that is used in electrical circuits simulation programs like LTSpice IV. The difference lies in the use of pre-trained models of artificial neural networks to replace an algorithm of solving systems of nonlinear differential equations. This enables hundreds of times to increase the simulation speed of electrical circuits, compared to LTSpice IV.

  • Preamp section

    Modeled preamp circuits:
    Simulated circuit Channel Destription
    Single channel Metal sound of 80s
    JCM800 tweaked
    Single channel More gain than original JCM800
    Cornford® Harlequin Single channel Sound of Cornford Amps
    Engl® E530 Clean Lo
    Clean Hi
    Lead Lo
    Lead Hi
    Legendary E530 preamp.
    Huge opportunities to obtain the desired sound.
    Good hi-gain and pristine clean sounds.
    Lead Almost same schematics as in Krankenstein.
    Changed a few resistors.
    Dual Rectifier
    Clean Vintage
    Orange Vintage
    Red Modern
    Fine hi-gain and amazing clean sounds.
    EVH® 5150 III Clean
    Most complex schematics for simulation.
    Big CPU consumption.
    For sound of all styles.
    Blues Junior III
    Amazing clean sound.

    Fast overview:

  • Poweramp & Cabinet sections

    The main character of the amplifier is formed by the preamplifier. But there is still a guitar amplifier power stage. In Amp ONE power amplifier stage is modeled as part of the classical guitar cabinet through convolution.

    To capture impulse responses we used poweramp of Dual Rectifier which was attenuated by Marshall Power Breaker 100 connected to speaker section of Marshall AVT50. Acoustic response was recorded through Shure SM57 mic.

  • FX sections

    Noise Gate / Swell

    Parameters Description
    The Opening value sets the signal level above which kicks off the opening of the noise gate. The Closing value sets the level of the signal when lowering which will start closing the noise gate.
    Peak Detection:
    High Attack reduce sensitivity to the fast amplitude changes. Low Release reduce smoothness of detected amplitude envelope.
    Used to set duration of the opening and closing of the noise gate. Swell effect achieved if Fade-in value will be greater than Fade-out value.


    Reference model Parameters Description
    Roland® JUNO-60 synth Mix, Oscillation Mode, Speed, Stereo This chorus effect produces rich and expansive sounds. Good for clean and warm sound
    Roland® Dimension D Mix, Speed, Depth, Crossover Mix, Crossover High Freq This chorus is famous for delivering a subtle, stereoizing enhancing, airy effect while adding more presence to a sound
    Korg® Triton synth chorus Mix, Speed, Depth Three tap stereo chorus. Makes the amazing effect of widening of stereobase. Good for clean sound
    VOX® Stereo Chorus Mix, Speed, Depth Simple but good sounding stereo chorus. Good for Hi-gain sound enhancing

    Delay & Reverb

  • Additional features

    Snapshot and preset systems are used to save and restore your settings. Snapshot system for saving/restore all settings at once. Preset system for save/restore settings of selected section (preamp/cabinet/chorus/delay/reverb).
  • System Requirements

    Apple iPad 2 or later

    iOS 7.1 or later

    External audio interface to connect guitar to iPad

    Amp ONE Screenshots