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Happy April 1st, everyone!
  • Been dreaming of a life-like tube modeling accuracy?   

    We've finally reached the level of accuracy that will put a smile on your face and make you cry.
    Yes, it is that powerful.


  • Our patent-pending new tech will blow your mind!   

    Prepare for unexpected.
    You will be among the first people on earth to experience the future of amp modeling.


  • You will feel the excitement of owning a real tube amp!   

    Just as it was during the "good old times", when the warm light of your tubes was not eternal.


Please welcome.
"The Living Tubes" technology.
Finally, digital tubes that age like real ones.

Yes, you heard it right.

Highlights of the new technology:

  • Any preamp or poweramp tube can break after some time
  • If you misuse the product, a tube can break
  • If a tube is broken, you will need to immediately turn off the plugin
  • You'll need to buy a new tube to replace the old one
  • Poweramp tubes will need to be replaced in matched pairs or quartets

Excited? So are we!
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  • New preamp and poweramp tubes always in stock.  

    In the event your amp sim stops working because of a broken tube, you will always be able to purchase a new digital tube in our webshop!

  • 12 months warranty period for each purchased tube amp sim*  

    We guarantee that the preamp and poweramp tubes in your new shiny toy will flawlessly work for at least 365 days after the purchase.

  • Preamp tube prices (per one):   

    • Cheap - $4.99
    • Somewhat better - $5.99
    • Good tube - $9.99
    • Best tube - $19.99
    • New old stock - $299
  • Poweramp tube prices:  

    • One tube (useless) - $10.99
    • Pair - $39.99
    • Quartet - $79.99
    • Sextet - $199.99
Happy April 1st!

Can't wait to start using the new tech?

We will get back to you shortly!

*You must operate your amp sim according to the recommended air humidity, mains voltage and avoid high level of "Master" control.