Mercuriall Audio Software
Welcome to Mercuriall
  •    Details

    Ampbox is a next-gen amp modeling platform that hosts our current* and future products.

    • NEW! 1987X-SG amp
    • NEW! Micro Pitch Shift chorus
    • NEW! Dynamic Compressors
    • Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v3.0
    • Free with the first purchase of one of the supported* products
    • Over a dozen of free modules (gate, pedals, EQs, tuner and more)
    • 2D cab based on Redwirez© IRs
    • Modern, simple, easy on the eye user interface
    • VST/AU/AAX + Standalone versions

    * Ampbox currently supports: 1987X-SG/6160III/Rectofire/Euphoria/Reaxis/U530
  • New era of ampsim modeling    Details

    Mercurial SS-11X officially models AMT SS-11 series tube preamps.

    • Modeling is officially certified by AMT Electronics
    • Next-gen modeling technology - Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine
    • Built-in OwnHammer cabinet IRs
    • Built-in custom cabinet IRs from private studios
    • Stunning tones with minimal tweaking
    • Most affordable Mercuriall product
    • Dead-simple user interface and tone shaping capabilities
    • Real-time monitoring without latency
    • Multi-threading CPU usage and stereo processing
    • Standalone version


  • Four British amplifiers    Details

    Mercuriall Spark is an amp simulation plug-in with an entirely modeled circuitry, offering a stunning and realistic simulation.

    • Four amps, modeled after famous British tube heads
    • Four stomp boxes
    • Gate and a set of spatial effects
    • Dual-microphone cabinet modeling
    • Different class AB power-amp models for each amplifier
    • Preamp and power-amp tube selection
    • Real-time monitoring without latency
    • Multi-threading CPU usage and stereo processing
    • Cabinet IRs by Redwirez
    • Standalone version


  • Amp ONE for iPad    Details

    iPad guitarists say: “Probably the best ampsim in the AppStore”. Amp ONE includes a set of preamps of some famous guitar tube heads with a set of the most important effects for making music. Allows you to perform live with the lowest possible latency. Simply plug your guitar and headphones or speakers.

    • Circuit-based preamp simulation
    • Highly customisable noise-gate
    • Cabinet modeling based on impulse responses
    • Four different stereo choruses, delay and reverb
    • AudioBus and InterApplicationAudio support
  • Free Stuff    Details

    Guitar stomp boxes, preamps and cabinet simulation VST/AU/AAX developed for fun and modeling research.

    • Experimental nonlinear cabinet simulation
    • Stomp boxes based on circuit simulation, using the method of solving nonlinear differential equations.
    • Preamps simulations, using different neural networks approaches
    • Plugins available for Mac and PC (some plugins only for 32-bit DAWs, some old plugins only in VST format; experimental plugins not planned to be updated)