Mercuriall Users

Steve Stevens // Billy Idol

To my ears, it's the best sounding guitar amp sim plugin i have used to date. It's simple, straight ahead but responds like a real world amplifier. Nice Job.
Steve said about the Spark

Paul Santo // Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Desmond Child

In my search for a great Marshall amp emulation, I, fortunately, happened upon the new Spark plug-in. I immediately knew, and felt in my hands, that this software was exactly what I was looking for: responsive, highly configurable and, like my vintage Marshalls, authentic! My search has ended!
Paul said about the Spark

Ahrue Luster // Ill Niño, ex Machine Head

Hands down the best plug-in simulation of an amp I've ever heard. Mercuriall is Miles Ahead of everyone else.
Ahrue said about the Mercuriall

Tony Vincent [Soundshop 370]

I’m continually blown away by Mercuriall amps. The feel, finesse, and attention to detail are 2nd-to-none. I honestly feel authentic responsiveness when playing thru the software. 5-Stars!
Tony said about the U530 & Spark

Ken Sorceron // The Faceless, Abigail Williams, ex Aborted

Mercuriall Spark and U530 are the first amp simulation plugins I have tried that actually feel like an amp and even beat out most of the expensive hardware modeling units in terms of feel and sound. Definitely my new secret weapon.
Ken said about the U530 & Spark

Carlos Morgado // Mitch Malloy, Laura Pausini, Bustamante

This software has become an essential to achieve professional sounds whenever I can't use a real amp. I love modern and classic rock sounds, U530 and Spark offer everything I need the easy way.
Carlos said about the U530 & Spark

Max Morton // Jinjer, Shokran, Ignea

The best digital recreation of E530, period. Great investment for any metal guitarist. Mercuriall does it (Spark) again! Loving it and waiting for more virtual guitar gear from Mercuriall!
Max said about the U530 & Spark

Jake Morelli // Bruno Mars, Roberta Flack & Ed Sheeran

What I Love about Mercuriall is that it's real plug and play, cuts through the mix, and sounds great in all situations! It's astonishing to be getting that much punch and tone, without an actual amp!
Jake said about the U530 & Spark

Johnny // ForTiorI

Mercuriall took me by surprise. Instead of getting just another amp plugin, you get some actual feel, definition and transparency that manages to stand out. Kudos.
Johnny said about the Mercuriall

Scott - Chernobyl Studios

Mercuriall is my to-go amp simulator simply because it's the best product I've come across that allows me to get the sounds I'm looking for quickly and easily. The absolute care and dedication to accurate modelling is obvious. Can't go wrong with Mercuriall!
Scott said about the U530 & Spark

Jordan Guthrie // Gone Cold, Remission, Cold Embrace

Mercuriall has done an incredible job creating realistic amp simulators that you can quickly get a great tone with. Spark is by far one of my favorite amp simulators that I've ever used. After cranking up the volume and gain on the JCM 800 model, I was blown away by how closely the plugin reacted compared to the real thing.
Jordan said about the U530 & Spark

Space Primates // Lunchmoney Lewis, Reggie & Bollie, Kevin Hart

We use Mercuriall Spark and the U530 pretty much exclusively for all of our guitars. It has been so helpful to us to finally have a plugin that really does sound like an Amp while still having the versatility of a plugin. Couldn't recommend trying Mercuriall products enough!
Space Primates said about the U530 & Spark

Neno Fernando // MAESTRA, Eterna, Portrait

When I first tested the Mercuriall plugins I was impressed by the quality and definition of the plugins. Nowadays Mercuriall plugins are mandatory in my mixes, both on guitars and in other instruments such as contrabass, acoustic guitars, voices and more. Quality and definition has name, Mercuriall.
Neno said about the Mercuriall

Zachary Spence // Kevin Lytle, Nawather, KidCrusher

If you need a guitar tone solution that produces thick, modern tones, Mercuriall delivers. Their products are super easy to set up, and include unique functionality to create your own tones in seconds. Highly recommended!
Zachary said about the U530 & Spark

Alex Chichikailo // Check the Distortion, Inside the Flames

I’m not a big fan of VST Amp sims, but Mercuriall stuff is not the plugins – it’s a miracle! All you need is just your interface and your computer and Mercurial can turn it into a tube amp. If you’re a fan of Marshalls then SPARK is your choice, if you need the sound with tons of high gain you need a Tube Amp Ultra 530. Once you try these things and you will never use another VST amp sims.
Alex said about the U530 & Spark

Alexander "Äxxl" Stöcker // Stallion

I've been a fan of Mercuriall's work since the very beginning. The plugins just felt and played better than anything else I've ever tried. The release of Spark is yet another milestone and really makes you feel that wall of roaring Marshalls behind you. Now I'm actually a little disappointed every time I track my real amps haha.
Alexander said about the Spark

Vladimir Zelentsov

Mercuriall is the most impressive amp simulation that I've heard at the moment.
Vladimir said about the Mercuriall

Livingroom Gear Demos

The Mercuriall Tube Amp Ultra 530 and Spark are my go to plugins for big guitar sounds when recording!
Livingroom Gear Demos said about the U530 & Spark

Paul Charlton // ReaperTV

I can't say enough good things about Mercuriall software. The U530 is straight out of the box one of the best sounding amp sims I've ever used and the Mercuriall Cab 3.0 is my 100% go to IR plug-in that is regularly recommended on my YouTube Channel.
Paul said about the Mercuriall

Michel Marcos [M&H Studios] // X-Empire, Beyond The Gods, Ego Absence

It has been my great secret friend in mixing techniques, when I want a tool with quality.
Michel said about the U530 & Spark