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Mercuriall Users

Steve Stevens - Billy Idol

To my ears, it's the best sounding guitar amp sim plugin I have used to date. It's simple, straight ahead but responds like a real world amplifier. Nice Job.

Paul Santo - Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Desmond Child

In my search for a great Marshall amp emulation, I, fortunately, happened upon the new Spark plug-in. I immediately knew, and felt in my hands, that this software was exactly what I was looking for: responsive, highly configurable and, like my vintage Marshalls, authentic! My search has ended!

Eddie Wohl - Fuel, Anthrax, Smile Empty Soul (as a Producer)

Mercuriall Audio has become my go to amp sim. I love the tones and how easy it is to dial in the right sound. Great job guys!

Marco Sfogli – James LaBrie, PFM, Icefish

I'm seriously impressed by the sound and quality of the whole Mercuriall suite of plugins. Having the ability to faithfully recreate all the nuances and also the look and ease of use from their hardware counterparts is simply priceless. Thanks for making such wonderful stuff!

Andrey Smirnoff - U.D.O, DIRKSCHNEIDER, Everlost

The future is already here and Mercuriall has proved it! One of the best guitar VST plugins on a market. Let the sound do the talking!

Brian Maillard – Solo artist / Dominici / Solid Vision.

Probably it is the best plugins amp simulation I have used. Easy to get a really awesome sound and so clean, Mercuriall Audio is the right choice for those who want to record a great product in a very short time.

Steve Ouimette - Composer/Artist/Producer - Steve Ouimette Studios

I regularly incorporate amp sims into my workflow but Mercuriall is definitely doing something quite different. This is the first plug-in I've used that feels, sounds and reacts like my real amps. All 3 (Reaxis, 530, Spark) are truly convincing and a joy to play through. They have already become a staple in my daily work.

Ahrue Luster - Ill Niño, ex Machine Head

Hands down the best plug-in simulation of an amp I've ever heard. Mercuriall is Miles Ahead of everyone else.

Sergey "Teria" Terentyev - Arteria, GlossyTeria

For me, Mercuriall products is the result of diligent work of people who know and care for the sound. The simulation strikes with the sound realism and its natural dynamics. I am very glad that their highest quality software allows me to get an instant result and save time, which is extremely important for the creative process.

Sergey Bogolyubsky - The SLOT, cinematic/theatre score composer

Ampbox is my “everyday” plugin. I use to lush and fullness sound of Mercuriall! A very comprehensive abilties, stomps, eqs, modulations, space etc makes my sound rich and rapidly dialed. It saves my time and keeps inspiration. Hope, one day I’ll start utilize this wonderful plugin on stage. Thanks Mercuriall!

Mikhail Svetlov & Dmitriy Borisenkov - Black Obelisk

Scientists around the globe are trying to create a live artificial intelligence. Mercuriall has already implemented it in the amp sim world!

Yury Melisov - Epidemia

We've been using various plugins during shows for many years, so there was something to compare Mercuriall products with. I can tell you with confidence that Mercuriall software models the amps' characteristics in the most precise way and i suitable not only for shows, but also in studio.

Rouben Kazariyan – Всё Горит Огнём, Джанни Родари, ex-Louna

Amazing plugins! All you need is a guitar, a cable, a soundcard and a laptop, that's all. You can get huge stadium tones, vintage tones, modern tones... just about anything! But most importantly - you get an ocean of creativity! Great job, Mercuriall!

Oleg Izotov - Oleg Izotov (solo project); Olga Kormukhina, InSammer

As a hardcore user of analogue devices only, I was very pleasantly surprised by Mercuriall software! A series of guitar solos have been recorded in the studio - and that's just the beginning!

Tymon Kruidenier – Our Oceans, ex-Exivious, ex-Cynic. TymonSound studio owner.

I'm a tone snob who loves vintage guitar tones, yet I also love modern technology like amp modeling. This juxtaposition ignited a passion of mine to keep up to date with the latest amp modeling products. So when I heard about Mercuriall's Spark, I had to try it out right away. Honestly, from the first chord that I played, I was completely blown away by the amount of detail, responsiveness and raw attitude Spark provides! Mercuriall has raised the bar of amp modeling.

Ken Sorceron - The Faceless, Abigail Williams, ex Aborted

Mercuriall Spark and U530 are the first amp simulation plugins I have tried that actually feel like an amp and even beat out most of the expensive hardware modeling units in terms of feel and sound. Definitely my new secret weapon.

Ronnie Björnström - Aeon, Cut Up, Sorcerer (as a Sound Engineer)

The Spark is everything i need for that classic British Hi-Gain guitar tone! As a producer and mixing engineer i´v come across many different Marshall amps and Mercuriall has just nailed the tone and feel of the real thing. Don’t bother bringing your Marshalls to the studio next time ;-)

John Bart Van Der Wal - Dool, Aborted; Napalm Death (as a FOH engineer)

Playing alot of new and oldschool tube amps in my bands and recordings, im always slightly skeptical about most amp and cab sims, since you always miss alot of real tube and transformator push/presence, and especially responsiveness, which Mercuriall, as one of the first for me seem to have gotten down. Love everything from the free JCM800 preamp to Spark

Max Morton - Jinjer, Shokran, Ignea (as a Producer)

The best digital recreation of E530, period. Great investment for any metal guitarist. Loving it and waiting for more virtual guitar gear from Mercuriall!

Tony Vincent [Soundshop 370]

I’m continually blown away by Mercuriall amps. The feel, finesse, and attention to detail are 2nd-to-none. I honestly feel authentic responsiveness when playing thru the software. 5-Stars!

Ivan Demichev - Lehmann, Oratoria; Dark Tranquility (Video Crew)

I tested each VST product for guitars on the market since the beginning of developing this technology. But when I tested U530 and then Mercuriall Spark my mind was changed: finally, now it's time to believe... To believe in digital sound that could be real replacement for tube technologies especially for the studio! Thanks Mercuriall, that's awesome!

Alex Chichikailo - Check the Distortion, Inside the Flames

I’m not a big fan of VST Amp sims, but Mercuriall stuff is not the plugins – it’s a miracle! All you need is just your interface and your computer and Mercurial can turn it into a tube amp. If you’re a fan of Marshalls then SPARK is your choice, if you need the sound with tons of high gain you need a Tube Amp Ultra 530. Once you try these things and you will never use another VST amp sims.

Alex García

Mercuriall is the Swiss army knife for studio guitar players. You will be blown away by the tone, response, versatility and easy of use. It sounds (and feels) like a real Amp!

Serga Kasinec - Composer/Artist/Producer

I had spent years and years in search of the right sound and only when I came across Mercuriall had I finally understood that for me there would be no way back. It’s everything any musician can ever dream of in terms of sound. It offers unlimited possibilities, satisfies your every whim. If you can think of it, Mercuriall’s got it.

Leon Todd - Ragdoll

Mercuriall's amp simulations let me recreate the tones, and more importantly, the feel of my favorite tube heads and rack gear in my DAW. The user interface is particularly well thought out and is flexible enough to handle re-amping, IR loading and effects processing, and I love the tactile nature of the built in speaker simulations. Most importantly I can spend less time tweaking and more time playing and writing music.

Tramaine – Solo artist

With the first strum of a simple chord, the depth and dimensionality that Mercuriall plugins present is quite hard to believe. I have always relied on the natural response of an amp to work with my playing - Mercuriall amps do this brilliantly and have become an important part of my creative arsenal.

Mat Lehmann - Blaze Bayley (Bass), Neurasthenia (Bass), Lehmann (Vox)

This is what i was looking for since a long time, the definitive Guitar and Bass audio software for my Metal productions!

Eric Meyer - The Noiz Faktory studio

When I opened up the U530 I was immediately blown away by the sound that I got without any tweaking. As I played the other products I quickly realized Mercuriall Audio would be a go to series of amps in the studio. When I do work at other studios I feel handicapped when I don't have my Mercuriall Audio amps available to me. Simply put...THESE AMPS ARE AWESOME!

Demetrio “Dimitry” Scopelliti - "Dimitry", "Arcadia", Scopelliti Studio

Finally a series of plugins which allows me to have the same sound of a great amp using no extra time for tweaking or mix. Mercuriall Audio is the right choice for those who want to deliver a great product in a very short time, Reaxis is making everyday Christmas.

Luke Gallagher - Country/Rock/Pop guitarist

I’m super glad to be working with Mercuriall Audio. It’s not easy finding amp modelling that not only can replicate overdriven tones to an incredible standard, but cleaner tones for genres like country music. Its particularly important for country tele players like myself to have amp modelling that reacts the same as an amp and maintains the intricacies of a tele. You need that string noise, pop and twang. You can't hide behind gain in this genre, so to have cleaner tones hold up digitally is exactly what I’m after. Well worth a look.

Gianluca Ferro – Breath Of Nibiru, Cosmic Dead Ringers and Hemera

I'm absolutely impressed by the sound and the harmonic textures of Mercuriall plugins. The sound is absolutely gorgeous and realistic. I'm also loving their interfaces and the way you can easily tweak sounds and effects. Mercuriall is the real deal.

Carlos Morgado - Mitch Malloy, Laura Pausini, Bustamante

This software has become an essential to achieve professional sounds whenever I can't use a real amp. I love modern and classic rock sounds, U530 and Spark offer everything I need the easy way.

Danny Gomez - Massive Unity

Mercuriall has done an impressive job replicating classic sounds and full amp experience on their VST plugins. Spark and U530 are miles ahead and are my to-go amp simulators!

Johnny ForTiorI

Mercuriall took me by surprise. Instead of getting just another amp plugin, you get some actual feel, definition and transparency that manages to stand out. Kudos.

Paul Charlton - ReaperTV

I can't say enough good things about Mercuriall software. The U530 is straight out of the box one of the best sounding amp sims I've ever used and the Mercuriall Cab 3.0 is my 100% go to IR plug-in that is regularly recommended on my YouTube Channel.

Vladimir Zelentsov

Mercuriall is the most impressive amp simulation that I've heard at the moment.

Michel Marcos [M & H Studios] - X-EMPIRE, Apokrisis, I Seek Revenge

Mercuriall Audio makes the best Amp Sims on the planet! They are my secret weapons as mixing techniques to have a real guitar sound! Mercuriall is the best choice, no doubt!

Jordan Guthrie - Gone Cold, Remission, Cold Embrace

Mercuriall has done an incredible job creating realistic amp simulators that you can quickly get a great tone with. Spark is by far one of my favorite amp simulators that I've ever used. After cranking up the volume and gain on the JCM 800 model, I was blown away by how closely the plugin reacted compared to the real thing.

Andras Szvirida - composer & artist

My idea was to fit my studio into my backpack. I've tried a lot of plugins, amp simulators, and I grew tired of having to compromise in each case. Mercuriall impressed me! Simple handling, great design and awesome, brutal sound! Moreover, it feels like a real tube amplifier! After trying the SS-11X, I understood that there would be no way back for me! I've been using it ever since! I sincerely recommend Mercuriall to everyone!

Jess Woess - solo artist

My go-to plugin for DI’d guitar tones, they have a great dynamic response and they feel as good as they sound.

Jake Morelli - Bruno Mars, Roberta Flack & Ed Sheeran (as a Producer)

What I Love about Mercuriall is that it's real plug and play, cuts through the mix, and sounds great in all situations! It's astonishing to be getting that much punch and tone, without an actual amp!

Neno Fernando - MAESTRA, Eterna, Portrait

When I first tested the Mercuriall plugins I was impressed by the quality and definition of the plugins. Nowadays Mercuriall plugins are mandatory in my mixes, both on guitars and in other instruments such as contrabass, acoustic guitars, voices and more. Quality and definition has name, Mercuriall.

Vandré Nascimento - Maestra, Madgator

I'm very impressed with the quality of the Mercuriall plugins. Practicality, Versatility, Accuracy, Definition, are some of the words that describe these plugins! Want something really fantastic? Mercuriall Audio!

Chloe Bray - Sojourner

Mercuriall's amp sims have allowed me to maintain authentic, dynamic guitar tones in a portable studio setting, to the extent that I'm in no hurry to return to real amps. These are the only plug-ins that can deliver the huge sound that metal guitarists need, and feel as satisfying to play as the real thing.

Mike Lamb - Sojourner

I've tried almost every amp sim on the market, often happy with the result but never fully satisfied, until I discovered the U530. It was everything I had been looking for: dynamic, responsive, and realistic. Since then, with both Spark and ReAxis, they have become my go-to for both Sojourner and any other project that I work on at my studio. I can't recommend Mercuriall highly enough! Nobody else even comes close.

Livingroom Gear Demos

The Mercuriall Tube Amp Ultra 530 and Spark are my go to plugins for big guitar sounds when recording!

Zachary Spence - Kevin Lytle, Nawather, KidCrusher

If you need a guitar tone solution that produces thick, modern tones, Mercuriall delivers. Their products are super easy to set up, and include unique functionality to create your own tones in seconds. Highly recommended!

Alex Vazco - Alex Berserker / Tom & Collins / Opus Safari Audio

I've used Mercuriall products in most of my productions, from TV to Sports Anthems to EDM and everything in between and I've loved them each time, now we have a full family of the most realistic Amp Modelers in the market, and not only do they sound great, they feel and respond as they should, there is no comparison.

George Constantine Kratsas - Manhattan Project / Solo artist

Never thought that I would replace my tube amp-heads for recordings and re-amps.Great dynamic response and versatility. Amazing low-end tightness for heavy tunings. Mercuriall, engineering at its finest!

George Stamkos - Fall of Order

Mercuriall feels like a real amp. I reset my tone and use it for practicing and even for my pre-production recordings. It's killer.

Pavel Popov - Pav (solo project), ex-Santa Cruz

Just in few clicks of a mouse Mercuriall Audio brings the sound of legendary amplifiers to your home! The accessibility of it I find truly amazing. I'm thankful to this company for making me believe in a bright future of amp modeling plug-ins.

Matt Shorter - Darkcell, RTD Studios

The guys at Mercuriall know whats up! A must have for anyone serious about guitar tones. Heavy & Punishing tones with clarity that always cut through in the mix.

K.I.R. - solo artist

The best guitar amp sims I have ever tried. Easy to get a really awesome sound and put it in the mix. There’s nothing I can say that will explain it for you. Just try it for yourself and you will fall in love with it immediately!

Michael Charlton – October Ends

I’ve used many VST plug ins throughout the years of producing, always struggling to find that perfect sound I was looking for. Mercuriall came along and I have never looked back. So many amazing tones created with such little effort, amazing!

Javier Viñas – Solo artist, Gemini Studio

The most realistic amp sims on the market! Full of useful features and very easy to dial great tones! Awesome job guys, I’ll spread the word!

Roman Arsafes - Kartikeya, Arsafes, Hellrune

Mercuriall plugins are definitely one of the best, if not THE best ampsims in the software amp domain of today! The realism, response and overall tone are just stellar, and you can almost not tell the difference with the real thing in an A/B test. And with me being a big Marshall fan, the «Spark» is actually my number one go-to tone for all of my in-the-box mixes!

Srdjan Toljagic - Senshi

The first time I heard U530 and Spark, I was in love, and they became a crucial part of my production. And when Reaxis came around, my mind was blown! Real game changers in the amp sim world!

Alex Senyushin – Solo artist / Postfacktum / Jackass Band / SnowSnake / Scorpbl.

Coolest ampsims I've ever used. Just open the plugin and get a superb sound instantly.

Duane Simoneaux - OCD Recording and Production

Mecuriall has become my go-to company for in the box emulations. Highly recommended!

Steve "Serpent" Fabry - Sercati, The Nightstalker, Hezaliel

Mercuriall just created a very impressive plugin. Great tones. Realistic, easy to understand and easy to use. Just AN AMAZING TOOL for guitar player in studio.

Jen Ascending - musician/producer

Throughout many many years, I was looking for a perfect sound to my music, I was trying so many things, but nothing satisfied me about the sound that I wanted to get. I met Mercuriall and I get what I was looking for, with their amazing plugins and their real sound, so warm and powerful. I got a perfect tone for my songs. I absolutely recommend Mercuriall amps and their awesome products!

Damir Puh – solo artist

Using amp sim plugins, in my experience, has always been a compromise between tone and flexibility. Luckily, Mercuriall took the plugin game to a whole new level, so going DI is now an artistic, rather than logistics decision. Getting big, fat & open DI tones that feel natural under your fingers has never been easier, and no one does it better than Mercuriall.

Oden Johansson - Like Thieves

As a Mesa/Boogie TriAxis user for nearly 20 years I was so excited when I heard there was a plugin version called ReAxis. Now I can capture that iconic sound at any time in any session. It sounds absolutely amazing!

Firat Öz - Murder King

From heavy rock to metal, death metal to djent, Mercuriall products are doing a perfect job for whatever your style is. Simple to use and very organic. My 'go to' plugins in my workflow.

Gabriel Borza - Producer/Solo artist

When I play through SS-11X, the amp power comes to my hands, the Neural Hybrid Engine technology is incredible. Mercuriall has surprised me like no one, thanks for it.

Thiago Oliveira - Warrel Dane/Confessori/Seventh Seal/Solo artist

As soon as I got to try out the Mercurial plugins, I was instantly in awe. Aggressive, organic and mix ready tones that instantly blew me away coupled with an intuitive layout that I was able to tweak into a multitude of killer guitar sounds.

SungHyun Kim – Solo artist.

It is the best amp simulation I have ever used. It's great for playing guitar at home, and the sound quality is great. In particular, the quality of the Reaxis is fantastic. I've been using the Mesa Boogie amp for a long time, but the Reaxis is a replacement for them.

Kostas NLS – Fall of Order.

Mercuriall has a vast collection of amp sims that you can choose - from rock to extreme metal tones. It's very impressive how good these products react with my gear, "incredible". You should definitely try out!

Rafael Pacheco - Metal Vrau, Untrusted

I finally have the guitar sound I always wanted! My productions have leveled up exponentially, due to their practical, intuitive and versatile way to achieve the sound that I have always looked for in other plug-ins. Without a doubt, Mercuriall is ahead of what we have today in the Plug-Ins market.

Roman Korolev – Joe Lynn Turner, Michael Men project, Turetsky Choir, Zemlyane

Best guitar soft for me! Amazing sounds, great dynamics, flexible management! ReAxis and Spark are my favorites, often helping me out in a recording studio.

Andrew Wasylkiv - Composer/Artist

I want to make music, not solve puzzles with plugins in search of the sound I need. I really appreciate Mercuriall Audio for their work of making plugins. The sound is great straight out the box.

Christian Weber - Snow White Blood

The journey of finding the perfect Marshall simulation that fits my sound the best fortunately brought me to the guys of Mercuriall. The sound is so authentic and it’s so easy to use live and in studio situations!

Luiyi Black Side - Black Side

I am surprised by the real sound that these products have. The clean sounds are amazing and the distortions are killers, they are very simple to use and very intuitive, they have no comparison. Mercuriall Rules!

Sergey Pismerov - ZNAKI, L-77, Tomas band

Mercuriall products have helped me to solve all the guitar tone issues in my recordings and I am very happy with the result! Will be closely following all the new product releases!

Eross - АнимациЯ, PROSTOBAND, Tomas band

Mercuriall plugins are the best I've heard in the world of software! Pretty much at any settings the tone is tasty and cuts through a crowded mix. And then everything is wrapped into a simple and friendly graphical interface!

Alexey Yuzlenko - Potomuchto, ZNAKI

Mercuriall is an awesome addition to hardware devices. Great quality. In some cases like re-amping during mixing, when it is absolutely necessary to replace a bad recorded tone - Mercuriall saves the day!

Kyle 7K - September Circle, Derek James

I was spoiled by the sound of the Triaxis years ago and owned several, nothing ever sounded as good to me. People often describe guitar simulators with terms like "almost real." ReAxis IS real. This is as good and natural sounding as my best Triaxis. All my other amp simulator software is going to feel neglected.

Alexander "Äxxl" Stöcker - Stallion

I've been a fan of Mercuriall's work since the very beginning. The plugins just felt and played better than anything else I've ever tried. The release of Spark is yet another milestone and really makes you feel that wall of roaring Marshalls behind you. Now I'm actually a little disappointed every time I track my real amps haha.

Space Primates - Lunchmoney Lewis, Reggie & Bollie, Kevin Hart (as Produces)

We use Mercuriall Spark and the U530 pretty much exclusively for all of our guitars. It has been so helpful to us to finally have a plugin that really does sound like an Amp while still having the versatility of a plugin. Couldn't recommend trying Mercuriall products enough!

Zurab "Zur Che" Sesitashvili - Night In Rio

Mercuriall products give me the "air and transparency" that are crucial for the lead guitar sound, as well as natural crunchy tone with low amounts of gain. With a proper setup the sound quality is just mind blowing!

Jimi - ToxicWaltz

When I got in touch with Mercuriall's amp simulations I was blown away by the authenticity, the dynamics and the natural feeling of responses which usually only a real tube amp can give to you. With their products they surely show how amp simulations should be done nowadays - very well structured, easy to use and the sound definitely speaks for itself.